Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My Christmas was just wonderful (exception of not being able to talk to Elder Clay Hutchigns) but that's to be expected I guess. We spent Christmas Eve night with our usual traditions i.e. Christmas pj's, singing Christmas songs, driving around town looking at lights, and eating our cornbread and chili dinner by gumdrop candles candleligh. Then us kids spent the night in the same room.
Christmas morning was slightly different than normal. We woke up after the sun to mom and dad waking us up. That was definately a first. Opening presents went by kind of fast cause we didn't have Steven or Andrea there opening presents with us. It was kinda sad :( I got pretty much everything I asked for. Thankyou mom and dad and Santa!
We then got ready for the day and decided to go see Tangled. Oh my dear goodness that is such a cute movie! It's my new favorite. Totally love it. I recommend everyone to go see it. Then we came home, played Disney Trivia (Of course I won) and then had Christmas dinner. So it was a good day :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


May I introduce you to one of my good friends, Michael. We met in Inspiration choir last year and we just have a blast together. This picture is taken after choir practice and I waited an hour for my institute class to start. He was nice and waited with me. He decided to wrap the scarf I made around his head. Isn't he just adorable? We have an inside joke that we call eachother cute face all the time. He's really into music and has a good ear for mashing up songs. He's a really good bass singer as well. He likes to add a really low base note to the end of a couple of our songs. It sounds really good so our choir conductor doesn't mind. He's a pretty happy and awesome guy. Oh he's also really good at creating medlys and arranging songs. So yeah! There's my friend Michael for ya :)

Bonfire Night

Saturday night I decided to go to a bonfire that I was invited to. The only thing I had done that day was go to the temple and watched Smallville. So I figured, "Why not. It's better than sitting here." Well I gotta tell ya that I'm so glad I decided to go. Story time!
Everyone met at the Institute building before we all went out to the bonfire site. I show up and notice my friend and his girlfriend are sitting in his car talking and waiting (cause it was cold outside). So since I didn't know anyone standing outside, I decided to sit inside the car with my friend. After awhile of talking I notice a random guy come and join us in the car. I think to myself that my friend must know him. Well after a few seconds he introduces himself to all of us! HAHA! It was so funny! He had no idea who any of us were and yet he still invited himself inside the car and got to know us. It honestly made my night. This kid was totally crazy and outgoing. He then drove with us over to the bonfire site. I decided that I was going to hangout with this guy instead of being the 3rd wheel to my friend and his girlfriend. Oh my goodness it was so fun! I just totally let go of everything and had a totally crazy night. No worries, no rules were broken or anything like that. I just let myself have fun instead of worrying about what might happen. So thankyou crazy guy for giving me one of the craziest nights of my life :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Listen every morning with Lindsay on B92.1

Alright Dixie State! I'm ready to take you on! . . . okay actually I'm not but I'm gonna do it anyway because it's important! If I want to talk and be my crazy self on the radio I gotta overcome my fear of college general classes i.e. english and history. It just might take me awhile because I'm thinkin I might do one class a semester to illiminate stress overload, but I'm okay with that. I gotta do whatever it takes at my own pace to get what I want in the end. I have a good feeling about radio broadcasting. Plus it helps when everyone I've told that I want to do that responds with, "Oh you'd be good at that!" or "I can totally see you doing that." So thankyou to all for the good responses. Please, whoever reads this, to pray for me for strength and confidence. Also donations toward college fees would be much appreciated :P

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Entering Lindsays heart: NO BOYS ALLOWED

My last post was back in June. Wanna know everything that's been goin on since then? The best way to sum it all up is this: I'm swearing off all boys! Yes this even includes Clay Hutchings who is serving his mission in Houston right now. My heart belongs to me and only me! Boys only bring conflict and heartache and way too many tears that a girl shouldn't be crying. I'm done. Okay I know eventually I'll get married but it's no more boys for now and for as long as I can keep it this way. The only boy worth having in my life is the adorable Tom Welling as Clark Kent who stars in Smallville as the totally cute superman. He will be the only boy I swoon over for the next 4 Smallville seasons which I will be watching everynight because I no longer have a social life. My boyfriend left for his mission and my best friend moved up north to go to school. The only places I'll be going from now on are choir, Institute, work, gym, and then to my family room to watch my only superman. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna save alot of money on not buying make-up. I have nobody to impress and I know I don't need it to look beautiful. Although maybe I should wear it because boys everywhere say girls don't need to wear make-up. Hm. Now I'm stuck at a cross roads here. Dah! oh well. I don't want to spend time painting my face. So there's my life as of right now for ya. I'm going to spend many nights using chocolate brownie batter blizzards from DQ to hopefully fix my poor broken heart. Peace out Boys. I'm sure not gonna miss ya.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fusion Organic Salong & Spa

I was at work one day and this fine gentleman walks up to me and offers me a salon package for 4 treatments including a Facial, Scalp treatment, a Massage, and a Manicure all for the price of $42.00. So I decided "what the heck". So far it's been pretty much amazing! About a week ago, I had my facial and it was awesome. I got to lie down on a bed in a small, lightly lit room while someone washed my face with relaxing music going on in the backround. At first I was thinkin how weird this all was cause I've never experienced anything like this, but when I was done I was like "oh man that was awesome"! Then today I had my scalp treatment. I honestly had no idea what was going to be done this time. I sat in the salon chair and the lady started coming my hair with one of the rough bristle brushes. Oh. My. Goodness. That was truly amazing. She would part my hair all over my head & brush on that part. It's hard to explain but it felt so good. I've decided that I'm going to have somebody do that to my hair every night before bed just like they did back in the olden days. It's also good for your scalp so hey, it's a win win kinda thing. then she did a deep conditioning and now my hair is super super soft :) All that's left now is the massage and the manicures and I'm pretty sure that'll be good. So stay tuned for the results of those two appointments :) Toodles!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Every now and then some people need to vent about things in their life. Luckily there are friends out there who are willing to listen to you vent. I know I've got a few friends like that but I don't necessarily like to vent to them cause it's not the most positive thing in the world. So I figure I can vent on my blog where nobody or everybody can read it. I dunno if this is even venting. Maybe it is.

So I've officially decided that getting my hopes up about things is pointless and disappointing. See when you get your hopes up and it doesn't turn out the way you thought it would, then you're just upset and slightly heartbroken. There's just no point anymore. I've been doing it my whole life about every little and big thing. I guess I'm just so optimistic about what I want to happen. From now on I'm not going to be so optimistic anymore. Of course I'll always have a positive outlook on life, but I'll have a realistic view on things to come. No more broken hearts or being upset for me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Such Beauty

I just gotta say thanks to the weather for snowing like crazy up in PineValley and for the unbearable heat we've had to endure these last few days. You see because of the heat, the snow melted and ran into the Gunlock Lake which is now overflowing. Because of the overflow, temporary waterfalls have been created. This is the second time (since we've been living in St. George) that this has happened. So of course we had to go up and admire it. So Mom, Dad, Allison and I took a trip up there, and I just gotta say WOW! Seeing those waterfalls was absolutely amazing! A far away view is beautiful but just imagine being right up next to it. It's just amazing how nature works. To top it all off we were there right as the sun was setting and the way the clouds were positioned was absolutely breath taking! We were all so mad we had no way of taking a decent picture. You could see distinct rays and closer to the horizon were clouds with a glowing lining. Absolutely beautifl. I know that something like the waterfall and the sunset could only come from our Father in Heaven, and I am truly grateful that He has created that for our pleasure. Absolutely beautiful and amazing! Thankyou!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I just watched the season finale of Glee season 2 and I gotta say that I just love Glee. Yeah they're may be some things in there that aren't the most appropriate (teen pregnancy and supporting gays) but come on people, there are some pretty dang darn good songs in there! Plus some episodes can be super funny! I mean HELLOOOO the Lady Gaga episode is proof of how funny that show can be. Also I'm super proud of Mr. Shewster for totally divorcing his crazy, psycho wife. That probably sounds really bad but she is! She's crazy! She faked a pregnancy to her husband who was totally psyched about having their first child! That's just cruel punishment right there. I'm also proud of Emma (the guidance councelor) for stepping up for herself when Mr. Shew was being dumb and made out with Vocal Adrenalins coach. Last but not least, i'm extremely proud of Quinn for deciding to give up her baby! Giving Beth up was the best decision you could make for her. Yes she's going to an umarried lady but I have a feeling she's going to get married in the future. Still, an unmarried teenage mom is no place for a new born baby. So behind it all, Glee actually teaches valuable lessons. Which is why I love GLEE!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hey Everybody!

Wahoo! In the words of High School Musical, "It's the start of something new!" . . . Blogging! It sounds fun. A good way to let everybody know how I'm doin. We'll see how long I keep this up :P