Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My Christmas was just wonderful (exception of not being able to talk to Elder Clay Hutchigns) but that's to be expected I guess. We spent Christmas Eve night with our usual traditions i.e. Christmas pj's, singing Christmas songs, driving around town looking at lights, and eating our cornbread and chili dinner by gumdrop candles candleligh. Then us kids spent the night in the same room.
Christmas morning was slightly different than normal. We woke up after the sun to mom and dad waking us up. That was definately a first. Opening presents went by kind of fast cause we didn't have Steven or Andrea there opening presents with us. It was kinda sad :( I got pretty much everything I asked for. Thankyou mom and dad and Santa!
We then got ready for the day and decided to go see Tangled. Oh my dear goodness that is such a cute movie! It's my new favorite. Totally love it. I recommend everyone to go see it. Then we came home, played Disney Trivia (Of course I won) and then had Christmas dinner. So it was a good day :)