Friday, March 4, 2011


Luckily this was the only damage and that everybody was okay. Lemme explain.

I was at choir practice this morning and on my way home I was hit. I was in a regular lane with a guy in front of me and we were approaching an intersection. Well I needed to turn left so I got into the left turn lane. I was coming up to the intersection so I slowed down. As I was slowing down, the guy who was in front of me in the straight lane decided to hurry and swerve into the left turn lane right in front of me. As a result of that and not looking back into his blind spot, he hit me. It was pretty scary and it took me a couple hours to stop shaking. But I'm fine now and hopefully the insurance will cover the whole cost to get my car fixed.


  1. I'm sorry Linny, that's a shame! Sure glad you weren't hurt though! Love you, Aunt Janeth

  2. Ok Linds, NO MORE ACCIDENTS! I'm glad your ok though. It was fun seeing you this weekend. Love you!

  3. ok, so is it just cosmetic damage? or is it bad underneath? like...with the actual car, and not just the outside looks of the car? because from that picture, that doesn't look that bad...