Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mission Update: 2

MY PAPERS ARE IN!!!! Well sorda. haha psych! I submitted my papers to my bishop. He then looks over them with me during an interview (which will happen Tuesday night). I then have to have an interview with my stake president (I dunno when yet). The Stake President then sends my papers to Salt Lake where the Quorum of the Twelve decide, through inspiration from the Lord, where I am to serve for 18 months! AH! Can you tell I'm excited? haha!
I went to my first temple prep class tonigh that my home ward is doing. It was really good! I missed the first lesson on baptism, but we talked about being worthy and clean to enter into the Lords House. I loved it! I can't wait to learn more!
Alot of people have asked where they think I'll be goin. So here's what I'm thinkin. I wanna stay stateside (preferably from the mid to the east). Or I was thinkin goin out of the country but still speaking English. That'd be SWEET! Places like New Zealand, Australia, England etc. I guess I wouldn't mind if I ended up speaking Spanish. Anything other than that makes me nervous haha! Of course I'll go wherever the Lord sends me and I'll love it. But it's just fun to guess and talk about it. So yeah! If you wanna go ahead and give your guesses you may. I'm not making a competition out of it but if you enjoy guessing stuff like this then you have all the freedom to.


  1. I say you will get a call to serve in Paris, France. I know you don't want to speak a foregin language, but French is so ooh la la and the crepes, oh the crepes.
    Anywhere is awesome! Keep us posted.
    Love ya!

  2. OO! Paris, France would be SWEET! Learning french would definately be difficult (It was hard enough learning a french song in madrigals) but I think knowing french would be fun :)

  3. actually...YOU get to submit them to salt lake! :) once you get your interview with the stake president, the button comes up on your papers, that says submit electronically...and THAT's how they get to salt lake. :)

  4. The button came up on my papers after I filled everything out. I clicked it and that's when my interview process began. The Stake President sends your papers up after your interview